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Centering containers in a flex box on mobile

I’ve got a flex box (I think) which works as I expect on browser but once I resize down to mobile, it goes from being center aligned to right aligned.
Below screenshots are the bit that I’m looking at. Everything that I can see seem to be center aligned so not sure if there’s something else somewhere that is affecting things…?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

When you remove the padding-left (40px) from the ‘Link Block Feature Red’ on mobile landscape this problem is gone.

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Hi Mike,

super weird but I think I found a solution for you.

Even though it says “auto” padding on your Link Block feature Red - Element, it seems to have a padding left set to 40px.

Select the left padding and press “0”. It will still show auto but will result in your padding left to disappear:

Might be a class conflict or a bug. Not sure though.

/too slow haha :sloth:

Thanks for your help guys, I didn’t realise you can set them differently for mobile vs desktop. Still a complete beginner at this but enjoying the learning process!