Cart is stuck at the top of the page

before I explain my problem, I found a similar topic that was closed without being solved. It explains it very well. Here it is: Cart wrapper is stuck at top of page

My problem is that on a smartphone screen, when I add a product to the cart. The cart opens to confirm it was added, but is stuck at the top of the page. So what happens for the user is… nothing. Before figuring out he has to scroll up to see the cart, the website appears darker than the usual and leave the user without clear indication about what he should do.

What I’d like to end up with : a cart that would be full screen and fixed. I can’t find a solution to do this despite trying almost everything I could think of. I am also surprised not to be able to find any resource in the forum apart from that closed post. Am I the only one out there to experience this problem?

ps : not ideal at all but I am probably going to “fix” this UX problem by putting a button to click on to scroll up the page when the cart appears so that user can see it and not feel blocked.

Thanks in advance for the help. Please.

Read only link: Webflow - LA CANTINE DU MAROC

Hi Jerome - I was the one who initiated that other forum post you linked to. Did you experiment with making 1 or more of the cart layers have a position of “sticky”?

Hey, I found another solution. Kind of a quick fix but it works and the client is happy with it. Thanks for following up !