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Cart is NOT showing on for Home page, in Mobile Portait mode -- why?

In Designer my cart appears to working, displaying the Cart during hover, but on the live site, it is not working. It’s driving me wild - have not bee able to resolve it for more than 4 hours now.

Appears in Designer preview. In live site, nothing.

Also, it works on other pages, just not on Home page. I’ve even disabled the animation for hiding the navbar on Mobile. Still it’s not fixed the problem in the live site. I think this is a bug… Help please!!! :(((


Did you happen to get this fixed? I’m seeing the hover animation on my end across all breakpoints on the staging site (


Can you give us a bit more information like the OS and browser?

I can see it in Preview in Designer, however on the actual site (and staging site) on Android Chrome mobile browser this does not seem to be responding. Mobile Landscape works. Just not Mobile portrait… Are you seeing the same thing, or do you have an IOS mobile device?? Any ideas?

Hi @mikeyevin! Any further ideas on what might be happening here? I’ve still not heard from webflow support :frowning:

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