Can't turn off "use secure frame headers" on my site, wanting to iframe it on another

I wish to disable the use of secure frame headers on my site, but as it’s an e-commerce site I can’t?

Is there a reason for this at all? I am currently paying two hosting plans, one with webflow for my actual site, and another for a server that I export pages from to iframe onto my Blender Market store pages.

Many thanks in advance for the help


Hey Richard, welcome to the forum!

content-security-policy: frame-ancestors 'self' appears to exist in Membership-enabled sites as well, but not in sites which have neither Memberships or ECommerce activated.

My guess is it’s a security measure to prevent a hosting site from capturing keyboard events, passwords. CC numbers, etc. It may even be required by Webflow’s underlying CC processor.

Your best bet is to contact support and see what you learn.
Share back when you find out.

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