Can't seem to fix a tab menu issue on home page

I cant seem to be able to make it so the text on the tabs menu changes color when the tab is pressed, I’d wan it to become white to contrast the blue of the tab when pressed,

Please help me lol!

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

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[1]: http: //Webflow - Bagno Vittoria

• You’ll start by removing all styling from “text-block-17”
• You want to set all type styling on the parent “wide-tabs -button”
• Then set your hover and press states on “wide-tabs-button” by assigning a new background color and changing the text color to white.

• I see you’ve assigned a color for the “current” state tab (the one that’s open)
• You need to remove the style “text-block-19”, and similar to the above instructions, use the parent “wide-tabs-button” to adjust all text styling.

This will come in handy with any buttons you create in the future, where the type is dark and then needs to change to white on hover/press/current. Don’t style the text that’s inside the button. Always style the text using the parent so that you can control how the text appears in alternate states.

Thank you so much, I was able to easily fix it,
I’m just learning how to use this platform and keep running into walls lol!
if I could just ask for one last thing.
If you check the “Hero Bottom Section”, I’d want that the phone number and email become their own icons as opposed to the written etext when the website is in mobile view. I am not able to without deleting the whole element.

Thank you!