Can't scroll to the bottom of the page on mobile

Hello everyone,

I have an issue on this specific page, only on mobile (landscape & portrait), where I’m unable to scroll till the end of the page.

Here is my read only link

Anyone previously experienced this issue?

Thanks a lot.

Try turning off the move-up-grow interaction on elements on mobile views.

If you’re using the older interaction interface, this won’t be possible. But the new Interaction interface has an option to turn them off on specific widths.

Thanks for your answer.

I’m not using any Webflow interaction on this page, only GSAP.
I tried to remove any custom script, but it doesn’t change the issue.

Hmm, I seem to be able to scroll lower now, but still not to the bottom.
Are there any elements in the footer that use the same scroll-into trigger where elements grow and move up into the viewport? All I can think is that their origin pixel distance is below the page container. So if they move up from say 500 pixels below, the smaller viewports don’t have enough room left to trigger the movement. Hope that makes sense!

The Webflow Designer preview won’t show this on my end since it’s utilizing code and only viewable on the published page.

I understand the idea, but even after removing all animations, still no change.

However, I removed a hidden section and it seems to have fixed the problem.
My guess is that there was a hidden div with vh units somewhere that caused the problem.

Thanks for you time !