Can't find the "nav link" "current" attribute

Hello guys!

Hope these words find you well. I am trying to style the current state of the “nav link” in my header. I know that there is where the color blue is coming from when you are visiting the given page in the navegation… but I just can’t find it, I see the other states clearly… but no current state…

The nav bar in question:

Any ideas? Help?
I appreciate your time… :slight_smile:


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Hi @joeovip

This is one of those things that leaves you scratching your head at first - happens to us all!

Basically, if you are on the ‘home’ page in the designer, go to style the ‘home’ nav item and it will be the current one. Or…same for your about page…style the ‘about’ nav item etc…

More here - scroll down the article for ‘current state’:



Thank you so much! Got it and found it! Thank you again for being available on Sunday, hahaha the days people launch new websites so there aren’t many complaints, but also when support or some else is away.


Haha yes the weekend is fine when nothing goes wrong!

And no problem - as I say in my profile, I get a buzz from helping out/finding solutions :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice styling and general feel to the site by the way - suits the subject matter - and great illustrations.