Can't delete image in one break point and keep it in another breakpoint

Hey Guys,

I can change most things like padding, margin, and font size in different break points & not have it affect their counterparts in other breakpoints. But for some reason, when I delete an image or change its size; this same image gets deleted or its size changed across all breakpoints.

Can anyone tell me the reason why? and how I can edit an image in one breakpoint and not have it changed across all other breakpoints?



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Can anyone help?? :slight_smile:

Deleting anything on any breakpoint will remove that element, no matter what breakpoint you deleted it on. If you don’t want it to be shown a specific breakpoint you need to set display: hide

As for changing image size. If you click and drag to resize, you’re setting a fixed size. Keep the image width at 100% and then set the height of the image to change sizes.
You can create an image wrap as a parent for the image and then set overflow: hidden and change the fit: cover