Can't apply any animation actions on Webflow? [System Error?]

Hi there,

something is wrong with Webflow. I’m not able to apply animation actions to any element on a website (page trigger). They just don’t work… While normal element trigger is works perfectly.

Here’s the link:

The animation is in the page load section, related to the hero area text. Nothing I Apply there is activated.

Hey Mehmet,

It works fine on my end!

The title, paragraph and button fade in from below. I can also add new page triggers for elements!

Hey Robbe,
it works now because I used a trigger animation. But for some reason if you use the page load animation, it won’t work :confused:

Hey Mehmet!

I see the problem. Remove the element trigger and add a page load trigger. Choose your animation again. Then open the animation → click the first one → hold shift → click the last one (so that all of them are selected) → where its says effect class → click the dropdown and select all elements with this class.

The ‘only children with this class’ was selected to animate (and there are no children) :blush: