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Can't align properly content in a grid

Hello all,

So, I can’t find the solution even if Im convinced it’s really easy…

I have a grid with 3 columns and 2 ligns. I did use a template for it and so in fact there are not 3 colums but 5, 2 empty colums have been used I dont really get why. Anyway only the 1st, the 3rd and the 5th have content inside.

Inside of these colums I have a div block, that contains 2 div block. one with a lottie file, the others with a heading, a button and a paragraph.

It is maybe because of the lotties size but on the preview mode, as u can see in the picture, content is not align.

how can I align it?

thx all :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - L'Agence de la Relance

The top margin on the heading “un développement de qualité professionnelle” is much higher than the others. 88px vs. 21px. Is that what you mean?

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Hi jmkriz and thx for your answer.

It has indeed, fix the problem on that first line. Things are so simple sometimes…
Unfortunatly, i have the same problem on the second line. This time I did check the margin and padding and it seems to not be the problem this time :frowning:

Do you have any idea?

All your animations look like they are square except for the Référencement image so it’s a different height. I would either give them all the same height (eyeballing it at 320px if you want to keep them square, you can do the math though). Or maybe house the animations in a 1:1 aspect ratio box.

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Hey @ITryMyBest !

Your site and animations look fantastic! Very well done. I put together a quick video on how I might do it. I’m sure there are many ways but I hope this helps.

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Thanks you so much for both of you!

You are a master for explaining clearly things!

I am a better designer now.

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