Can't add anything to slider

When I try to add anything to the slider it greys out and I lose the image? Hopefully it’s not a bug and I have just done something silly. Many thanks.

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Hey Roxzfr,

Just a bug that is a minor inconvenience. If you drag a div block or any block into the slide the grey box will appear. But then if you just click inside the slide it will reappear as normal.

Let me know if this works!

Explanation of why I believe this happens:
When you select a slide the slider will automatically show the slide you select. Dropping a block into the slide for some reason sort of “unselects all” so it just shows the #333 background color because you no longer have a slide selected.


Thanks @PHRyan - it worked!

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Hi @Roxzfr.

Thanks so much for posting about this. And thanks for providing that workaround @PHRyan.

I did some testing on this end and was able to reproduce it as well – definitely not expected behavior. I’ve forwarded this info to the rest of the team and we will look for a fix for this slider glitch.

I’ll update this post when a fix is live, but for now that quick workaround should help. :slight_smile:


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