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Can't add a new section underneath existing one

Hi everyone,

A bit new to Webflow. Probably a very easy fix but I just can’t figure it out. All I want to do is add a new section underneath the “hero-section” for more content. But I can’t add a section or div for that matter, underneath the “hero-section”. When I do, it places it on the left side of the hero-section, not underneath. I need it to go underneath so I can start scrolling down and add content. I’ve looked at the related articles/topics, but can’t seem to fix it fro those. I’m sure I messed up somewhere.

Help is much appreciated

Here is my site Read-Only:

Looks like you were able to add your section below just fine.

Hey sorry for the delayed response. I got it to get below the hero section. But I did that by making the body’s children “Wrap”. Now I’m having trouble with the next section below the section I had trouble with. So I’m thinking I didn’t really fix it.

Any thoughts? Is making the Body’s children “Wrap” the wrong way to go about it?

Note: The new section is going to be a Collection List with a grid system. It seems fine on the Desktop breakpoints, but when I view it in any other size down, it’s not where it should be.

So I figured it out and thought I’d share just in case someone runs into the same situation as me:

I had the the “Section” set to 100vh. This was fine on the Desktop breakpoints, but as soon as it scaled down, the Section was only limited to the vh dimensions of that particular device. So I made it 100%, which then gathered all of the content inside it, appropiately; and pushed down the new section underneath to show.

I hope that made sense.