Can't access CMS Item ID in: Update CMS function

Hi all,

I’m trying to use an Update CMS item action in Logic.
The problem I get into is that I cannot dynamically set the cms item in the settings panel.

I see there are two options to trigger the flow, form submission and a webhook.
For both I have the option to set the item_id of the CMS item I wish to update.
Now it seems for the webhook I can only even set it manually by typing that item_id, which makes no sense to me…?

Then when I use form submission as a trigger I can dynamically set the item_id from a form field, but the problem there is that I can’t seem to access an item_id anywhere when loading a collection.

Could someone explain me how to use the update flow and dynamically update a cms item in my collection?

Thanks a lot!

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I have the same issue. Thank you for bringing this up…

I found this workaround, that seems to solve the problem, but it is kind of hacky.
You could use this until there is a better way to do it: