Cannot scroll on published project (only in web version)

Hi guys !

Hope you’re all well

So I have published my first website in webflow :

Here’s the read-only link

The preview on the designer is fine but the web version won’t let me scroll down normally (the phone version works fine). When I click on the “scroll down” buttons I have implemented (i.e. on the page “services” button : “voir nos forfaits”) it does work and it scrolls down to the section it’s supposed to, but once I’m there, same problem : I still can’t scroll down manually.

I have no custom code

I have found lots of topics where it’s all about the body overflow being in hidden mode but my body is in visible mode, so I really don’t know what it is…

Additionally I wonder why there’s a delay on my scroll into view animations when it comes to buttons, it’s the exact same animation I put on text or divs but whenever I apply it to buttons there’s this weird delay.

Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to answer my questions !


You have overflow hidden on the body in some breakpoints

wow I did not think to look on the higher break points, only on the main one. Thanks for the fast help