Cannot get logo to show on homepage

I am having trouble getting my logo to show up on my published homepage. It is there in my editor and my preview but is gone when I publish the page. The logo shows up on all other pages, just not my homepage. Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey Chris & welcome!

You have two logos in your page, both children of a link element with the class .brand.

Inside your home page settings(in the custom code before the head closing tag), you have a css rule that sets the opacity of .brand to 0 — So neither of the logos is visible. WF designer won’t notice that, because it does not evaluate custom code!

Remove this rule and decide which logo to use ( I recommend the one in the nav!)

Also check your other custom code, the console throws lots of errors because you call jquery methods inside the page before it’s even loaded!

Jquery is imported at the end of the body tag, so jquery code before that (like in the head tag) wont work! ($ is not defined)