CAn we copy interactions

We have two cloaneble projects and we need to copy complex difficult interaction by copy/paste function between projects.
Is it posible?

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Yes it is. Here are some details. Hope that helps.

Interaction names and actions conflicts
We’ll also do our best to combine interactions that are identical. But of course, it can be more complicated than this. Here’s a closer look at how we treat conflicts in interactions.

Same name, different actions
If there is an interaction in the destination project with the same name as an interaction you’re pasting — but it has different actions — the pasted interaction will have a number added to the name to indicate it’s a duplicate (i.e., “interaction name 2”, “interaction name 3”, and so on).

Same name, same actions
Similar to how we treat conflicts in class names, if an interaction in the destination project has the same name as an interaction you’re pasting — ignoring any numbers added at the end (for example, “interaction”, “interaction 2”, “interaction 3” etc.) — and the same actions,we’ll recognize these as the same and merge the pasted interaction with the existing interaction in the destination.

I keep trying this and it never works. I get the elements and styles but no interactions. I have given up and am forced to keep recreating it all over and over again.

The video copy and past does not cover interactions. ?


Hey Brett! Did you figure out how to copy paste interactions?

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Same, never copies across Interactions - useless

Here is the solution that worked for me.

  1. Copy component with interaction :zap: from navigator

  2. Paste the component with interaction :zap: using the navigator

  3. :white_check_mark:

No you cant is the bottom line - even with no conflicts the interactions get seriously messed up if you paste them into a different project. I had interactions pasted in which were switched from 1st click to 2nd click for no reason at all & others which just disappeared yet they were active in the background despite being deleted