Can I use my API to return JSON data to a dynamic list

Hi sorry I am new to Webflow and wonder if dynamic lists can be used with my server API that returns list of JSON data? or such integration is not possible?

If Dynamic list isn’t the answer, can webflow directly call api using javscript to retreive dynamic content?

Not possible.

No, you have to write your own JS. However, it may not work due to cross-domain restrictions.

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I was wondering this as well. It sounds like webflow does have plans in the future for an api, but I haven’t heard anything recently.

I was playing around for a site for my mother in law and came up with a solution.

Using GoogleDocs and this api called sheetsu you can basically use google docs as your database.

Here is my example:

the data here is created thru a form that submits to google docs:

I’m pretty excited about figuring this out :slight_smile: the beta version of his api also allows you to replace data in the sheets programmatically via json and ajax.

I’ll write up a tutorial later :slight_smile:

I’ll write up a tutorial later

Please do!

Wow, I will wait for tutorial as well!

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