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Can I style nth children in a dynamic list?

Hi Webflow,

I have a design that i’m using a dynamic list for, but I want to style every other element in the list differently. The design is 2 columns, with a text block on the left and an image on the right. Using a dynamic list I can only have the list items display in this manner. But I would like every other list item to switch the positions of the columns, so the text block is on the right and the image is on the left.

Since dynamic lists do not let me see the list items themselves in the DOM tree, it seems that there is no way of styling every other element…unless…

we could use nth child selectors, so then i could say, nth-child(even) and use flexbox to reverse the rows and achieve my design.

So, not sure if @webflow supports nth-child selectors, but if it does, i’m not sure how to do it…

…and if it does not, then, could we add that, pleeeeeease??? :grimacing:

CC: @PixelGeek whaadduup! :sunglasses:


Already requested. Please post in this thread to bump the wishlist item

will do, as this is super important, IMHO :slight_smile:

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