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Can I defer/async my PodSnack player that is embedded into my website?


I’v embedded this code into my website using the “Paste HTML code” box:

object width=“460” height=“60” data=“”>

It works fine, but it slows down my website. Can I defer or async it so that my website can load first and then load it after?

It’s way at the bottom of my website so I don’t need it to load until later.

Hi @AdvanceEar, you can try to put an interaction on the embed widget, so that the intial appearance is display none, and then you create a Load interaction that sets the class for the embed to display block. You can set the “Wait for page assets to load” in the interaction settings.

Try that and see if it helps.


You rock @cyberdave!

I did what you said a while back, but didn’t set the initial appearance to “display none” and once I did that, it works great! It raised my scores to all A’s on Thank you for your quick reply and help!

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