Can I create a non-CMS 'collection' list?

I’m building a UX portfolio and purchased a template - but then realized that I don’t need its CMS capabilities to showcase my 3-4 projects. I’m now deleting all CMS elements and building static pages for each project.

The problem is - I love the CMS collection list feature that lets you click on projects from the home page. How do I create something similar but linking to static pages?

Do I need to create cards/link blocks/buttons in a grid layout to achieve this, or is there another way? For each project I’d like to create a clickable card that looks like this:

Yes, exactly. Instead of one CMS-bound “card” you’d have 4 static ones you manually create, and instead of a collection list for the layout, you’d wrap it in a DIV and set it to [probably] grid layout.

You can even re-use your existing classes for that wrapper if you want it to work identically to how it does now.