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Can anyone make this?

Is there anyone that can build this feature with webflow interactions/table or advise how to do so?

Website for reference -

Here is my public share link: LINK
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HI this is not possible to recreate in WF.

Reason is that WF allow only add SVG as an Image and in DOM is rendered only URL this mean that you do not have access to SVG map to grab attributes.

ONLY possible option is to place SVG map into embed element but it have strong limitation of characters that make this element useless for a bit complex SVG’s. This limitation allow you to place in this element only simple shapes as plain rectangle, circle and maybe octagon.

Hey , maybe @Stan is right. I am not too clever when it comes to this but I have seen @timothy1643 do something similar with SVG maps.

Take a look into this and see if it helps you out.

Hi @imtiazraqib when you look on all states they are just rectangles!!!

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