Calling Js or CSS files from cdn scripts

Hi everyone.
I am seeing an issue that whenever i open my website’s page (any) source code then there’s some css written there - which i myself or anyone else from my team didn’t add. How can i remove it? or perhaps call it through a css cdn?

Here’s my website link:

If you simply inspect your page source you can see you have a embed element with a class of global__custom-code which contains your style block.

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Great. Thanks. One more thing? Can I create a separate CSS or Js file and later call it through an cdn? this way there’s less extra code and more of my website’s content.


Just need a place to host it and a CDN that connect to it.

Github → jsDelivr is popular

So is Netlify, which has its own CDN

I think Cloudflare also, haven’t tried it.

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