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Calling an expert!

Hi guys!

Pulling my hair out…

On mobile the background does not fade in on section 2 (the black background)… BUT it looks good on the desktop browser (in mobile view)… but not OK on my actual mobile phone with the published link.

UGH… help!

Share link:

and published link:

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I think this is because you used the same interaction on two different sections (bg wrap) on one page?
Try to give each section his own interaction and see what happens.

Not working for me… again the problem is all looks great on the preview mode… AND on the browser / mobile view, both the preview and published links… but when I load the published link on my iphone… it shows a grey background in the second section… no idea why

I think what is happening is I am simply not getting my background fade to work on my the iphone… when it works on my browser… any ideas here?

As long as you test it on your computer, mobile, desktop you’re using the OS that’s installed on your computer. When you view it on your iPhone you’re using the OS of the IPhone.
And these are different. So what works on one (computer), will maybe not work on the other (iPhone).


Well can you point me in the right direction?

I am looking to ‘simply’ create a scroll snap to 100vh sections… AND have the background transition fade as you go from section to section.

For some reason (after days and days of experimentation) I am not able to achieve BOTH and have it render on my iphone vrom the published site.

I can get one or the other to work.

The fading backgrounds seems problematic though… less ‘robust’ as there seems to be some oddities… again only only on my iphone.

I really would would welcome your insights.

I don’t know all the divergences between the OS on different applications. Most of the time it’s just a matter of trial and error.
My solution would be; give your second section a combo class and create a interaction for this combo class.

I’ll try that… can I ask the logic (meaning what’s the difference) as opposed to adding this affect to the ‘section’ and not a combo class?