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Button set focus tab

Ok, let’s say I have 2 buttons on my page named “faq” and “review”. I would like them, when clicked, to set focus on a tab and move to the section in the page. I’ve tried this here but it didn’t work for me: Linking to Specific Tab from another Link or Button

Maybe I’m missing something? Help is appreciated. Thanks!

I figured it out. Maybe not the best way but it seems easy to me.

My two buttons are product review and faq.

I added this code to the <head> tag:

function product()

function faq()

Then for each of my tabs I created IDs under Settings for each. I named them product-reviews-tab and questions-tab.

I then linked each button to each the IDs section. This makes the button when clicked scroll the page to the tab. It doesn’t seem to add the click though.

So I added to each button a custom attribute. I set Name to onclick and Value to product() for the product review button. And I set Name to onclick and Value to faq() for the faq button.

I had to export my full site and test it on my web host to see it work. Hope this helps someone. If you know an easier way please do share.

Thanks It works for me cheers!!!