Button in one div block. space law frim tutorial

Hi everyone im just starting out with this platform,

im following the tutorial about the law-firm in space, which is cool and all, ive figured out most of the ways to manage, however i cant seem to figure out how in the tutorial he was able to simultaneously change and control the buttons and other elements using a div block and i had to figure out another way to do it individually,

he seems to be able to change the margin, add states, change colour to all of the buttons in that div block in one go. when i had to do it button by button, hope that makes sense. ive followed it and reviewed how he did it step by step,

All the buttons shared a class. He simply changed the class they all shared. Likely what you did was added different classes to each button instead of them all sharing a class. I suggest watching this before jumping back into webflow. https://university.webflow.com/lesson/intro-to-html-css-101

Good luck!

thanks, i figured out half of it, im sure digging around ill learn more,