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Buttery smooth Chrome IX animations, choppy sometimes non-existent Safari animations

Title kind of says it all. I made a video and posted it to dropbox to show what it looks like on my machine MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016). Snuck into some computer shops, and even on a pretty decent iMac Pro I get the exact same stuttering choppy playback. Noticed this even on an iPad Pro 12". So… any idea why Safari is so horrible at this?

Also, the direct link to the dropbox preview is here: Video on Dropbox - noticed that it takes forever for the native preview to load in the forum, and it’s quite small.

The preview even on dropbox should play back at the screen recording speed of 60FPS. But, if you want to see it full res on your machine, downloading is enabled. But, even the soft preview shows a night and day difference between Chrome and Safari.

As an aside, if you happen to have a PC running any browser, how is playback? I don’t really have access to one at the moment. The ones I tried in a local shop mostly had amazingly bad wifi connections, so it was hard to judge.

But, again, same machine different browsers, vastly different performance. This is only for the page load animations, btw. The thumbnail matrix runs just as good as expected on both browsers. So, is Safari just horribly coded for loading performance? Or? I’m really at a loss, and I’m desperate to send out my site to look for work. Kind of embarrassing to get performance like this form a future possible employer. Would love any ideas or thoughts on how to get Safari to match Chrome. Its clearly not the machine. Also, FYI, I have run Safari with all extensions off; made no difference.

Read only link should work below, if you want to see the actual animation setups. Thanks!

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