Bullet Point indents

Hi Guys,

I’m hoping there’s an easy fix for this. On the page below you’ll see I have some bullet lists, just dashes and text really. When the text is pushed into the line beneath the bullet point it hugs the left side of the element, so that the second line of text is directly under the bullet point.

I would love for the second line to move a couple of spaces over, so that the second line of text starts with the where the text of the first line starts.

I hope that makes sense, if any of you have any ideas or solutions to combat this I’d be deep so appreciative.

Thanks a million,


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Hi Billy,

You can use a List element for that. It will behave as you expect.

Oh, I’m an idiot! It was staring me in the face all along. Thank you for taking the time to look into this, I really appreciate it.

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