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Bug with list of fonts

If the list of fonts is located to close to the bottom of the screen and some part of this list is falling out of the screen, then scrolling works only down. You can’t scroll the font list up.

Hi @Alexey_Borisov thank you so much for sharing this with the team, we have an issue filed for this and are actively working on a fix. I will reach out as soon as I have an update.

The current workaround is to close the font select field and re-open it to continue scrolling within that field :bowing_man:

Here is another one for you. Maybe you already know it. If you call some modal window and accidentally scroll it out of the screen, you can’t get back.

Lets say I want to choose font color, or set shadow settings. I’m clicking icon and all panel became dark, modal window is appear. If mouse cursor is inside of this window and you scroll it up or down out of the screen, then it wont get back until you press Esc button and call it again.

Why do I use scroll inside of this window? In case of color selector I assume I can scroll transparency slider up/down or left color gradient slider. In case of shadow I assume I can scroll horizontal sliders like in Photoshop. Or when I inside text field I assume I can increase/decrease numbers with scroll. And when I try it, windows are flying away.

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