Breakpoints not fixing anything. Please help!

Alright I’m stuck… Everytime I change something in mobile, it will change it in my laptop (base breakpoint)

  1. I’m trying to have the hamburger and logo in everything left of base breakpoint, and have the Request Access button inside the dropdown hamburger. Everything from base and left I would like the full header, logo, page links and button on far right

  2. The image that is screenshot is part of the corresponding title “Manage Investor Relations” however every time I try to add it to the right spot in mobile (below the text like the rest) it will change in all other breakpoints and when I change it to the right position in other breakpoints it ruins it again in mobile.

Read Only Link: Webflow - Cactus

Styles in Webflow inherit from the base breakpoint to smaller device sizes like tablets, landscape mobile, and portrait mobile, respectively. Conversely, styles inherit from the base breakpoint to larger breakpoints.

Changes made to your mobile styles do not affect the tablet or larger breakpoints. If you want to apply special styles specifically for mobile devices, only add them for mobile by selecting mobile breakpoint on designer.

I hope this will help you

Hi Sanjeewa, sorry I believe there’s a misunderstanding. Have you looked at the link and tried to see what I was saying there by chance?

Everytime I change something in mobile it also changes it in the base breakpoint. I would like to mobile only changes, but it’s not allowing me.

I listed the two problems I’m finding. Can you help me with those two?