- website to help find books for kids - created by 13yr old

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a site that my 13yrd old son in middle school created - This website is a site to help find age appropriate books for kids, with links to get it from amazon and your local library (limited to US for now). He has been an avid reader over the past 5 years, and I used to spend hours trying to get the right books for him to read. He wanted to create this site from the books that he has read - to help others in a similar situation. He did most of the work after watching Webflow tutorials, and I helped him with some of the required custom coding (I am a software engineer but no designer :). More about the story in the About Page.
We would love some feedback or suggestions from you, to help improve the website.

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This is really wonderful!! Great job :clap::clap::clap: