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Body Covers Entire Page


I’m really struggling to figure out why my body appears to cover my entire page. I’ve changed the body color and text to black recently to cover up the words ‘page contents’ text when scrolling to the top. I’ve looked and can’t seem to find any tutorials on this, does anyone know what’s wrong? Thanks!


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Here is the location of my project live on the web: LINK

Not sure what the problem you’re seeing is ?

The HTML Body is a container

  • Everything you see on a website… is in the Body.

Assuming… that you know that

  • I’m not sure what the issue is.

Please restate / clarify the question.

Was about to help you, but I want nothing to do with the fictional, and quite frankly, harmful concept of SSAD.

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Here is the link to the live site I’m referring to:

The link must be working fine for you… All is see is the words “page contents” in the upper left hand of the screen with the background all white.

Ignoring the fact that she has personal experience with the subject and unilaterally declaring that experience fictional, on a public messageboard upon which she posted for technical help not at all related to your own personal views on any particular subject whatsoever…

Very classy.

There’s your problem, right there. The code is completely messed up. How did you publish this? If the site is on your own server, you need to export it properly, then unzip the files and upload them to your server.

It may have been better to have included a screenshot of the browser error from the beginning.

If you go into the HTML and delete lines 14-21, you should be fine.

Thanks, I had published it through the designer itself to the domain.

That is really weird. Looks like Webflow really messed this up then. The problem is that the HTML has two head and body tags.

@PixelGeek @Waldo

I don’t remember adding custom code to any pages. Too bad one couldn’t make HTML edits then publish live through the designer

My suspicion is that what I took a screenshot of was manually put into the head tag (in the designer) by someone looking to perform the Google site verification and copy/pasting an entire section of sample code instead of only the <meta name="google-site-verification" content="blahblahblah"

Webflow performs no validation of the code that is put in there, so at this point I’m going to guess that’s where your problem is coming from.

Actually, I’m sorry, it wasn’t done in the designer, because I don’t see it there. It had to have been done from the dashboard.

Go to your dashboard, click on this button in the lower-right of your project thumbnail:

Then click on “CUSTOM CODE” and see what you find being injected into that head tag.

My apologies for blaming Webflow engineers for this. Although there could be at least the bare minimum of validation done and some kind of warning shown if you’ve accidentally duplicated a head and body tag…

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That was the case, here’s what’s in the custom code:

I had removed the code and only shown the meta-data line. With the site republished the result appears to be the same (the body on top).

I realize that the body usually isn’t adjusted, played with, but the options are there to change the background of the body.

You still have <head> and </head> in there.

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I removed all but the meta name line and republished. Do you think webflow is still adding another head?

No. That problem has cleared up. At this point what I can see that is strange in the code is you’ve got an element called “Flexible-container” and it’s got a bunch of code in it that is completely unnecessary as far as I can tell. Try deleting that and see what you get.

Alright. You’ve got a BUNCH of things going on on this page that are wrong. You’re using absolute positioning for entire sections instead of auto, and for that reason you have to set your body height and that’s messing with other things.

I think you need to go back to the drawing board with this page and start again. Go through a couple tutorials to get the hang of nesting divs inside of sections and ask questions as you go along. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the approach of just diving in, but I think the visual aspect of Webflow allowed you to do some things that you reeeeeally should not be doing, code-wise, and you’re paying the price when you try to actually view the site.

It’s bed time for me. Good luck!

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