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Blurry Images in Safari iPad

Large transparent images are rendering blurry in iOS 8.4. Trying to ensure the site will look right on older devices is giving me a real headache! Please compare the first section which has an image placed inside (blurry), to the second section which has an image set as a background fill (not blurry). Both use the same PNG image which has been exported in a high enough resolution (2000px) for the iPad retina display.

It would be great if anyone could tell me if this is a rendering issue, or if this has been fixed in later releases, iOS 9, 10, 11?

Here are the links!

Hey @garymichael1313 thanks for taking a look, I’m a bit confused by your response though. The problem is how the website is rendering in Safari on iPad as shown in image attached:

I was sharing some commonalities of IOS renderings. Check those settings as well. I currently don’t have an Apple device. I’m sure others in the community can share what they see on their IOS device. They’ll want to know these specs:

  1. Are the images PNG or SVG?
  2. What app were they created in?
  3. What is the vector resolution?

Hey everyone - Can you guys take a look at @WebDesign graphics on an IOS.

Hi @garymichael1313 and anyone else @webflow with an iOS device. The images I have a problem with at the moment are transparent PNG files, 1500px or larger, exported from Affinity Designer. I see no blur on PNG files with a smaller dimension. Please take a look at

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