Blog Posts - Adding an Older/Newer Post Link


Can anyone help me figure out how to create links on my blog so that users can view the newest or older post by clicking arrows and not have to click to the blog to see the next post?

I also am not sure what happened but the blog post picture was showing up on the top of each post. Now the same picture is on the header and the featured pictures no longer show on the post. Please help!

Here is my public share link:

Topic has been discussed here:

Anyway it can be explained in simpler terms? Apologies as I am not very experienced with coding and the like…

I think is very well explained, it is not a native feature of Webflow atm but you can vote for it here.

Thanks again and again!

Hi @aaronocampo but I can’t see any solution for this point here on this Topic, can you please let me know Is that possible in webflow or we have to find something external jquery.


If you read the references on the previous conversations you can see that there are two options:

Which one is better? Well you have to decide that on what is the best for your project.

If you have a specific issue with implementing either option above, please provide further details on what you have attempted/tried, in a new post.