Blog Post URLs not linking properly

I’ve been working on a blog for my website. Each post has its own unique slug, but for some reason, when I copy and paste their unique URLs, they all open the most recent blog. Even when I’m designing, I can’t toggle between the different blog posts like I should be able to in the CMS menu at the top left of the screen. No matter what, It ends up just showing the most recent blog entry. The only way to see the previous blog posts is to use the pagination navigation at the bottom of each post. And when I look at the URLs when I toggle between blog posts, my site thinks all the previous blogs are just pages of the most recent URL.

For example, the post “Uncle Shayna’s Art Party” should be linked to the URL
but this is the URL, a continuation of my most recent post “Beer Garden App”:

I’m not sure how to correct this problem.

Hi Shayna,

Please share your readonly designer link.

Is your site reverse proxied? The IP’s look unfamiliar to me, so it may be cached content you’re seeing.

Your sitemap doesn’t contain any of your /blog articles, which is suspicious. You might double-check that you have a primary locale set under localization settings, that sometimes causes unexpected behaviors.