Blog post live on site but disappeared in CMS

Hi there,

I have a website / blog. The live site has a blog post listed but the blog post has disappeared from the CMS! I have no idea what is wrong. Feels like a bug. Anyone any ideas?

It’s the blog post with the name “2-3-1 technique…”

The site:

The CMS:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey Russell, you’ll need to share your website’s readonly project link from the designer for us to see it.

Hi Michael!

Apologies, will do so. I didn’t think it was necessary.

Here it is:

Ok, I can see now, I’m going to assume that the post is completely gone, but that you have not yet republished your live site, therefore it’s still visible there.

Copy that content directly from your live site and create yourself a new blog post in the CMS from it, before it’s lost.

I think it’s gone, and these are probably the most likely possibilities as to what happened;

  • You ( like me ) maybe have a habit of cloning posts to create new ones with similar settings, and you ( like me ) might occasionally accidentally forget to hit clone, or the click doesn’t register… so you end up editing and overwriting the original instead.
  • Someone, you or an editor, accidentally deleted it.
  • You have an automation like a blog sync connected to your site which makes changes, and perhaps the sync is malfunctioning.

Well now I feel a bit silly. That was exactly the problem. I done some work, and forgot to press publish. What a numpty, as we say in Scotland.

Thank you SO much for your help! :slight_smile:

It’s all part of learning the system.

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