Blog layout not workin

Hi, Can anyone help with why my images aren’t showing here on this blog post? There’s only one image showing but I’ve uploaded four.

Here is my site Read-Only:


In the blog post template there is only A place for one image - So go to this template which located under “cms collections pages” and add images as much as you want :slight_smile:57

If you look in the template there aren’t multiple areas for images… it’s still not working when I add them they don’t show

Hey Ashley -

Though you do have multiple images within the individual blog post item (CMS Item), you’re not referencing them on your page itself. For example, your banner image up top (the one that is showing) is being pulled from the Main Image field in your CMS Item. However, though you have other images uploaded to the CMS Item, you have no image fields or divs on the page that reference those images.

Check out the following video:

I copied that div up top and pasted it multiple times, and simply just changed the background image of the div to reference those other fields. Further, I also added an image field and pulled the image that way as well.

For more information on dynamic items and the CMS, see here:

thank you! One last thing, how can I center all of these images?

For which page? The blog post page? It looks like the images are centered at the moment, but if you can point me to an example, I’ll take a look.

This one. However if there’s a way to put all of the images except the header one in a gallery that would be better.