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Blog Cards of different height

Hi everyone! What about one quick stupid question? I am doing my first steps in Webflow, and unfortutelly I don’t work with code (at all)… So, I am trying to organize blog cards with different height on my web-site prototype, like in this example
I am able to do so only using columns, but I would like to display 3 columns for desktop and 2 columns for a tablet version.
Finally I would love to make this card within dynamic list, but have no idea how to make them positioning one by one, when they have different height. Here is how they work for now
I guess there is a way, but can’t get it, help please?! Many thanks!!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @tatsis

I think this post may be interesting for you


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@sabanna this is exactly what I was searching for! Perfect solution, thank you very much!

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