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Block-quote has no 'open quote' possibility with ::before ::after : energy-observer

Hello I’m testing blockquote with my students
but there is no possibility to do standard block quote before and after text…

look to this video while coding a block-quote.

I want to make this way of thinking also in webflow please.

Is there an other way or is it a bug?

thanks to explain.
I remake where there is a blockquote green… I now positioned it absolute… but what about more quotes and using ::before ::after

video 1: use of before and after

video 2: blockquote before ‘open quote’ look to minute 2.24

video 3: effect to hover image by text in background

also for float is clear::after made already in webflow


you can add before and after pseudo classes but you have to add them using custom code.

here is an example of where i have used the before pseudo class on a blockquote for a site i am working on:

here is the custom code i used for this:

hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. do you have a shared preview link also.
It should be standard into webflow for quotes…
isn’t it?

just pm’d it to you :slight_smile:

they already have the industry standard version of a blockquote with the border-left.

i think it would be really difficult to implement something like what i have done as standard in webflow. there are just way too many variations of how to implement it. this is definitely something that make sense to me to be left to custom code implementation in my opinion.

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