Block appear/disappear on hover but title to remain visible?

I would like to make an image block with a white title in it and when hovered, a smoked black block fades in making the white title more distinct. I’ve had issues in the past with this where I simply placed the title on the image and gave it a higher z-index but this never seemed to work properly since the hover effect wouldn’t work when hovering directly over the text title, only when hovering over the image.
The method used for the hover was a simple change of opacity on the hover state.

In short, is there a way to make the smoked block appear when hovering over either the title text and/or image rather than just the image block?


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Hi @aOne, from what it sounds like, this demo may be helpful:
Demo: Popular Websites | Webflow
Page Title: Hover Overlay

However, it’s hard to say without more info. Can you please update your post with some more info? Things like screenshots and read-only links allow everyone to help you faster.

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