Blending modes on images bug - only on the homepage

Sup, I’ve done myself a website, but I’m not sure about something.
I have created a grid made of divs, which should function as a gallery - inside the divs, there are images, with blending mode lighten - effect does work on desktop and mobile at a different page (case studies), but for some reason, on the homepage which uses the same gallery blending modes doesn’t work on mobile.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - DigitalCreator
normal link:

On your homepage you have set a a hover state on .purple-boxes-case-study on your case studies pages .cards-metavoice you haven’t.

so my point being, if the desired effect you want is a hovered state it will only apply to devices with a cursor.

Also, your current resting state for mix-bled-mode is normal.
Here is what it looks like with lighten applied.

mix-blend-mode: lighten;

With your current setup,I think what you’re looking for is mix-blend-mode: difference;