Blank at the bottom of every page

Hi guys,

I’m facing a design problem with my website :

If you go to the live website, you can see a blank at the bottom of the pages.

Could you please give me a way to remove it ?
Here is the preview link :

Kind regards,

Hi Olivier,
just remove the padding-bottom: 30px from the class.

Best regards

Hello Meinolf,

I’m not talking about the blank under the form, but the one under “A propos” “trouver un job” “nous contacter.”…


@LeftProductions it looks like you have a custom code block iframe in your site with a height of 13px here:

Deleting that got rid of space on the bottom of your page. Usually I just set those to display: none to do the trick as well but I’m not sure how that will impact what you’re trying to do with that exactly.

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