Big Hero Image 100% with angled mask / how to do this?

Hello webFlow’ers

I’m wondering how to go about creating this angled white mask over a big Hero Image that is 100% fluid width.

Here is the example >

I also like how it can work once you scroll down the page on additional photo’s at 100%

I know I could fix the image in Photoshop and overlay a white graphic over the image, but when working with a parallax scrolling image, I’m not to sure how to do this?


make a SVG shape with that angle and upload it as an image into webflow at the top of the lower content.


The third pic of this site is hillarious ◕‿◕

Hello Pixel Geek,

Could you elaborate on this answer? I am attempting the same outcome but I am completely new to SVG file types. I have done research and attempted to create one, but have not be successful. My main question would be how to create an SVG so that it can be used within webflow. Are their any resources for creating ultra simple shapes like in the example above?

Thank you.