Big blank space on the side of my website

Hi I’m creating a portfolio website, i have just switched from wordpress, i have basic knowledge in css and html but can’t figure what’s happening on my site.
There is a big blank space on the right, side… Here is my read link :

And here is the site :

Please don’t mind the rest of it I’m only starting it ahah x

Hi @Luna_Spammy
This is because you are using relative positioning.
The way you are positioning these pictures, I would advise you to use Absolute positioning for the images.
If you place them relatively, they are placed one after the other and interfere with eachother.

Hey @EriCreator , I just changed it, and it doesn’t seem to change… I switched the image positioning to absolute, and moved them a bit, but it still displays a big blank space…

You should put the images in its own div and then set the div to relative. The columns you’re using will scale to the width of the page since you have not set a width to them, meaning you’ll end up with lots of air.

@Fonsume hi, despite putting the images and the sticky bar in a div and setting it to relative, the blank space won’t go away…

You have added everything to the same div. Often when things don’t look right you can solve it by putting divs inside divs. Put the images only inside a div, which is inside a div. Put the other stuff you want on the same height into other divs, then try setting the first div to flex for easy manipulation / sorting etc.

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