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Beyond frustrated

Not sure if this is the best place to put this or not. I bought a template thinking it would help me get started. But changing things is the worst and I just don’t understand some of the build of it, especially when I watch the videos in the University section, and some things (like the nav bar) seem so straight forward, yet when I look at how my template is built, it’s not the same. One of my issues was I was checking out the differences between a static and sticky nav bar. Then somehow this happened, and I can’t get it to go back the way it was. And the updo will only go so far. At this point I feel like just starting over with a fresh project.

Any help is appreciated! TIA!

Hi Kate,

It’s generally a good idea to check out the template’s build structure because some designers work differently from others, and so on.

I’m assuming, since you bought the template, you can go to project settings and do a hard reset on the project.


Hi Kimmy - thank you for your advice! I think I need to better understand everything before diving in. I’ll see about the hard reset!


Keep your head up. Getting started can be frustrating. If you need to reset your template multiple times until you get the hang of it, do it.

A few tips for getting started:

  1. There’s always more than one way to build something. It’s less of right and wrong ways than it is better and worse ways.
  2. Don’t pull your hair out. Just come back to it.
  3. Use Webflow tutorials. There’s always something to learn.

Happy no-coding!


Thanks Joe - appreciate your feedback! Any idea what “dark navigation” is? And I am not sure how to edit the sticky nav bar that is part of this template. Searching in the help docs isn’t bringing anything up. Do you have any ideas? I see “navigation static” and “navigation sticky” - in both places I see my logo and it seems fine. But when I got to preview and scroll down, it looks like the old nav bar from the template. I don’t know where to go to edit this. I figured out how to delete it, but I like having it there when people scroll down…

^ my nav bar

^ old template sticky nav bar

Any help is appreciated!

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This one called Github has a chapter for free templates. Maybe other Awesome lists exist that I don’t know of. Share them if you find some :slight_smile:

Can you share your read-only link?

Hey Joe - got super busy with a bunch of stuff. Been working on the site - still a work in progress: my read-only link

I am struggling with getting the mobile site to look good…

Hi I’d like to say a few encouraging things.

Whatever the level you have in HTML CSS and Webflow, understanding the logic of a design element made by someone else is sometimes difficult, sometimes very hard. For everyone I swear. And the more it’s complex, the more it deals with CMS, conditional visibility, filters, custom code, the more it’s a puzzle that you have to solve. But that’s normal, I don’t see how it could be better. I believe the Templates team at Webflow is doing its best to vet only well crafted and documented templates as much as possible.

Using Webflow will make you better at web concepts, HTML, CSS. Zero doubt about this, you will learn more and more and be more independent, agile.

Starting over with a fresh project is an option. Redoing a section that you can’t make work is also an option.

You will progress more by starting fresh, you’ll know everything about your project. It will be easier to control and to maintain.

Don’t give up! :slight_smile:


Thank you Vincent! Yeah, I am for sure the type of person who struggles with understanding something someone else has built. Very much leaning toward just starting from scratch. I feel I’ve learn a lot already! :slight_smile: