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Better image SEO for the gallery feature

Hello everyone,

I am currently using the slider as well as the gallery feature on one website. These pull images from a collection using the dynamic style setting.

My issue is these feature end up using the images as background in a div instead of the html img tag. Hence killing any effort for image SEO. I tried searching and trying to find out if any custom code or workaround could be helpful at least for the gallery feature but in vain.

Anyone here with more experience than myself have any suggestion or solution?

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You also can use real image (Instead of background image). The real problem is “still” no solution for galleries on webflow (Over 1700 votes for this wishlist idea)


Alt (create a feild and use this feild as alt):

Its easier to style slider with bg-images (cover and position) - anyway by images its also possible (In the most simple case if you use 20 images with the same dimensions you even dont need any CSS styles).