Better control of background video?

I’m using the fancy background video playback code for mobile that is working pretty well… but the problem I’m running into is that it’s not appropriately scaling the video when it gets to that size. It’s like it’s ignoring the height I have set so it’s not letting the video shrink any further…

Does anyone have any guidance on how the sizing might be fixed for mobile so it doesn’t render at double the size it should? I’ve tried all sorts of things and nothing seems to be affecting the positioning or scaling of that frame.

The direct link to the home page is here:
site preview below.

Here is my site Read-Only:

I went through the site and the only bg video I could find is on the old home page, but I can’t tell exactly how it’s misbehaving for you.

BTW that is one fantastically-designed site with some gorgeous photography. Very well done so far.

Thanks so much @Cricitem. So nice of you to say. We shot all of their video and Photos in just one day so that was a massive project for me, but tons of fun.

You are correct the “old home page” is the page I am referring to. Sorry I forgot that we have a temp page up right now for site visitors. The direct link is on this page:

My problem is that on mobile the background video should be HALF the size when it’s being viewed than it is right now. So it’s just looking overly large and I would love that to be half of that. That’s what my main problem is here right now.

Hey Folks… I seemed to have figured out at least one solution… I figured out and realized that the video won’t go past it’s original size in width… so I ended up creating 2 video divs instead. One for desktop and tablet, and another smaller video for mobile that is sized down a lot more and then adjusting which div shows on the seperate breakpoints. Seems to work great now for what I was wanting. Perhaps this knowledge will help someone else!

Direct link again: