Best way to add floating graphics to a webpage

HI guys, I am building a site for a photograpy rental studio and have some questions regarding layout best practices. I am having trouble with adding graphics to make the webpage more appealing. I built the site a while back but I had no idea what i was doing and just fooled around until it looked how i wanted. Now I am rebuilding the site and want to do it the correct way. I am not sure how I should add these “Floating Graphics” like i had in the first site. I will Include pics below. I would like to be able to animate the graphics as well in the same way as the original site but i am not sure how i should place them in the site. The First link is too the current site im building and the second is the former site.

Thank you in advance!

Link 1: Current Site
Link 2: Former Site

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Hey @tygershark, I believe you are using the While page is scrolling interaction for the moving blocks.