Best practice for external Blog Post author?

Hi all,

We’re trying to finalize our process for having people (internal and external) write blog posts on our site. I’ve got the process down for using the editor, but am unsure how to have people comment on the post?

Ideally the editor would write a draft of the post, and then be able to have other team members comment on the post & give feedback. Then the editor would address the comments, we’d rinse/repeat until the post is ready to be published.

Is there a good way for our team to do this?


No. Webflow has a commenting feature in the designer, but it’s targeted at designers rather than editors, and doesn’t support e.g. commenting on a specific blog article [ just the blog layout & design as a whole ].

Instead you’d typically build your editorial process outside of Webflow, either using Google Docs and custom integration, or a system like Contenful. You’d write and review your content, and then push it into Webflow for publishing through the API.

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hi @Jason_Schleifer WF offers comments on elements but I’m not convinced that this approach is suitable you are after. Why you just do not use different easy way like google documents that have all you need sharing editing comments etc ect. and once article is done … :man_shrugging:

@memetican : you have been faster :wink:

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Thanks @Stan and @memetican for the quick response!

Yeah, my google-fu had definitely found that as a solution, was just hoping that there was a process that wouldn’t involve doing the iteration in Google Docs for a few reasons…

  1. I’d love for the author to be able to see the layout as it’s going to appear - especially when including images.
  2. This is also true for the commenters… when reviewing an article, sometimes it looks great in one form, but as soon as you see it in it’s final form you recognize the flow of information doesn’t read as cleanly.
  3. Editing flow - do edits happen in Webflow, or in the Google Doc? If in Webflow, they’ll eventually diverge… that seems fraught with danger and frustration.
  4. I’m concerned about how well content is converted from Google Docs to Webflow… do all tags come across properly?

But for now, it seems like this is the path we’ll need to take… most of the editing/etc in Google Docs, a 1-time conversion to Webflow, and from that point on all editing is done in Webflow.