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Best % container widths for 3 larger breakpoints?


Perhaps foolishly I added the 3 larger breakpoint… the site didn’t look quite wide enough on my iMac screen using the default desktop breakpoint size

Anyways I added the 3 larger breakpoint - it’s done now & apparently can’t be un-done.

What are the best % widths for containers for these 3 larger breakpoints so that hopefully the page will scale up smoothly from one to the other up to the largest?

The problem I have is that on 1280 & Up, you need to set a decent container percentage width so it picks up where the default desktop leaves off (around 73% or 74% seems to do it)

Then on the 1440 & Up it seems to work best to leave it the same 73% or 74% width as the previous one (1280 & Up), it picks up where the previous one left off and scales up to the final one.

The problem is that final one - 1920 & Up - If you give it the same 73 or 74% width as the previous 2 then at it’s minimal width it’s fine, but then it expands WAY to wide if you widen the page fully.

To stop it being too wide on my iMac screen at full browser width i have to set the containers at 1920 breakpoint to 55% which means when that breakpoint kicks in the site drops back smaller and then grows again as you widen the screen… it looks a bit crap when that happens

any tips please?