Beginner question: Should I use flex here?

I want to create a responsive page:

  • on full-width screens → there will be two columns
  • narrower width windows → smaller rectangles
  • mobile screens → one column

(When users click the image (grey rectangle) or the text, they will be redirected to another page that is linked to the image.)

In this case should I use flex somewhere on the page? Or adding a container → inside the container add two div blocks for each row → inside each div block add: image, heading, subheading - would be enough? (Please let me know if I have missed anything, I just started learning webflow!) On Figma I would use autolayout wrap and make sure everything is set to “Fill” but I am not sure how to achieve that on Webflow

Grid is easier to control the number of columns responsively.
If you’re using the CMS, you can do this with a collection list also.